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Want to land news headlines but don't have time to scratch yourself?  Sit back, relax and watch that lovely coverage roll in as I take the reins and manage your press office.   Wanna learn more? Click below to see if we are a good fit.

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Are you currently feeling a bit stuck? Trying your  hardest to get into a certain publication and hearing crickets? Why not book in a 1:1 'Ask me Anything' session with me, Emma. You'll walk away with clarity and a new way of approaching things. 

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Want to master your own PR but don't have the time to do all the initial leg work (I'm talking media research, hunting down journalist details, crafting pitches, creating media bios and MORE). If yes, then my tailored PR Bootcamp is for you. 

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And guess what? I see you. Your business is unique. You created it. It’s your brand and journey. So, there is no-one more qualified than you to tell it (actually, yell it from the roof tops). 

But PR can be scary, and imposter syndrome can be a real jerk. So, I am here to say that you deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to stand out. And I can show you how. 

If you’re ready to learn how to grow your business and reach new customers/clients, boost credibility, increase SEO, be seen as a leader in your industry, get in your absolute favourite publication (the one on your vision board since forever) and more, then you have come to the right place. 

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A qualified publicist and media nut ready to help you grow your business through the power of publicity.

Hi, I'm Emma. 


An 8 week group program designed to help you create news headlines and get visible. 

Pitch Perfect Program

Have you ever wondered how some brands get alllllll the media attention? You know the ones I'm talking about. Everywhere you turn they seem to be getting another headline, another online news article, another stellar podcast interview. 

Well, this isn’t just luck! Most often it’s from a thing called publicity, and it is one of the most underused tools in your visibility toolkit. Publicity is the *spring board* to helping you stand out, boost credibility and trust, and reach the right people, who WANT to buy from you

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Georgie, founder of ART WITH GEORGIE

Once I knew the strategies and tips of how to pitch to media outlets, I was surprised how many of my articles got published, including Herald Sun, Body + Soul, Kidspot and MORE.

"I loved Emma’s hands on approach and mentoring."

Anna, co-founder of THE PENINSULA NEST

Emma not only knew PR, pitching, and media, but she got 'us', our vision, and what we were striving for. Her passion and authenticity made our time with her an engaging and enjoyable one.

"I think she’s fast-tracked our business enormously"

Adrianne, head of marketing at biopak

The whole BioPak marketing team benefited immensely from Emma's training which is wonderfully strategic and practical. Emma has helped us refine our strategy, craft better pitches, identify and target publications, within a robust framework of tools and processes that have embedded PR into the core of what we do. 

"Our latest story has gone viral."

Natalie, founder of glowso

From working with Emma I got features in the West Australian, Body and Soul, Professional Beauty to just name a few. Everyone in small or big business will gain so much from working with Emma's talent and expertise.

"I just got a response... I am so excited."

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Ready to take the leap?  Why not download my free cheat sheet with 10 tips for getting your first piece of media coverage. 

Want to land your first piece of media coverage? 

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