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Absolutely! The majority of my clients are lovely business owners who have never done their own PR before. You don't need existing contacts to get started - just a can do attitude and the willingness to learn. I would say the main ingredient for PR success is actually being a good egg. So if you can communicate with people, you're already halfway there. 

"I have never done PR before. Are your services right for me?

Great question. The main difference between both programs is that the PR Bootcamp is a 1:1 tailored program catered specifically to your clever biz. Alternatively, Pitch Perfect is group coaching course with module based learning with live weekly calls and a stack of bonuses. Both aim to have the same outcome (which is to get your in your fav publications, podcasts, TV segments and MORE). 

What is the difference between the PR Bootcamp and Pitch Perfect?

It's designed for BOTH! Yep, the training that you receive applies to both serviced based or product based businesses. You will find that there are loads of different PR approaches. My services help determine the best strategy for your business to get you the most exposure and reach the *right* people who want to buy from you. 

Is Pitch Perfect for product or service based businesses?

No. This is a process that will take time and is about sustainable, long-term growth. This isn't to say that you won't have immediate success but it is worth mentioning that the process won't necessarily be instant. 

Will I get results overnight?

Trust me! You have a story to tell and I am here to help you uncover it. I'll teach you how to find hooks and angles that our media friends will love, all while being strategic and reaching people who want to buy from you. 

I don't feel I have a unique story or anything of value. Can you help?

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